Furniture Flip: From Dresser to TV Stand

Check out how I turned an old dresser into a like-new TV stand!

You know all those furniture flips you see on Pinterest and wish you had the time to do? Well I finally made time to do one of my own!

I’ve seen a few dressers re-purposed into pieces for living rooms and hallways, and it inspired me. Recently I cleared out a TON of clothes (I had two full size dressers plus a “walk-in closet” space set up in my laundry room), and it left one of my dressers empty. I considered just donating or selling it, maybe passing it on to someone I knew who needed it more than me. Then I remembered the flips I had pinned. My hand-me-down dresser was the perfect size for our living room! And what better way to get my TV off an old coffee table and reorganize our entire entertainment area that so desperately needed it? Read more