5 Ridiculously Simple Ways to Improve Your Bathroom

We all have dreamt of having a luxurious bathroom.

Large jacuzzi tub or a rainfall shower. Gorgeous tiled floor. Vanity large enough for three of you. Because why not? But when you’re on a budget (aka broke as hell and can barely afford to pay rent, let alone buy a house of that grandeur), you’re looking at a bathroom barely big enough to fit that jacuzzi tub you want so bad. And that sucks, right? But by doing any (or all!) of these five ridiculously simple ways to improve your bathroom, you can do the best with what you have – without digging into your savings account. Read more

10 Blogs You Should Follow When It Comes To Home Decor

10 blogs you should follow when it comes to home decor

I love seeing new projects and ideas for home decor.

And I’m sure you love it too, right? While there’s a ton of stuff on Pinterest – a lot of it being posts of the same designs – it’s really hard to sort through the crap and find the good stuff. So I did some digging and found the good stuff for you. Here’s the top 10 blogs you should be following right now for home decor inspiration in 2017. Read more

Furniture Flip: From Dresser to TV Stand

Check out how I turned an old dresser into a like-new TV stand!

You know all those furniture flips you see on Pinterest and wish you had the time to do? Well I finally made time to do one of my own!

I’ve seen a few dressers re-purposed into pieces for living rooms and hallways, and it inspired me. Recently I cleared out a TON of clothes (I had two full size dressers plus a “walk-in closet” space set up in my laundry room), and it left one of my dressers empty. I considered just donating or selling it, maybe passing it on to someone I knew who needed it more than me. Then I remembered the flips I had pinned. My hand-me-down dresser was the perfect size for our living room! And what better way to get my TV off an old coffee table and reorganize our entire entertainment area that so desperately needed it? Read more

4 Secrets They Don’t Tell You At The Paint Store

4 secrets they don't tell you at the paint store

There are a lot of insider secrets when it comes to painting your home.

Whether you’ve remodeled in the past many times or are new to the scene, I guarantee you’ve still got more to learn. I worked in the industry for over two years and still learn about new products and methods. So to help you out with your next project, I’ve compiled a short list of tips that will help make your experience at the paint store better – and cheaper. Read more

How To Make A Coat Rack For $11

How to make a coat rack

If you follow me on Snapchat (@kristangible), you probably saw my story earlier in the week of my latest DIY project.

If you don’t follow me, you missed my sneak peek of an old coat rack that I redesigned (and you also missed some excellent footage of my frustration/mini-tutorial of having to “drill” holes without actually having power tools).

So how exactly did I manage to create such an awesome piece for only $11, you ask? Let me tell you! Read more

How To Paint A Perfect Chevron Wall

How to paint a perfect chevron wall

Although I enjoy smaller art projects such as canvas paintings and paddles, I have always been in love with interior design and using color and basic art techniques/design to make a room more inviting. Over the past week, I have been doing some redesign at work in our office and bathroom (hence the whole MIA thing all week on my posts), and I thought I would take this weekend off to show you how I created my chevron wall in the office! Read more