My Blog Goals + Resolutions for 2017

blog goals and resolutions for 2017

When I started blogging five or six years ago, it was entirely personal – and very egocentric. Once I outgrew the need to share every detail of my life online, I tried* to write about topics other people cared about – basically a complete 180. (*Tried but was very unsuccessful.) Last year I began to find more of a balance between the two, and in doing so I found myself trying way too hard to be like other lifestyle bloggers. But it didn’t quite fit my style, and I think that’s why I’ve struggled so much with keeping a consistent online presence.  In 2017, that needs to change. Read more

Fall Back into Blogging

fall back into blogging

I’m back!

I’ve been telling myself every day for the past four months that I need to get back into my blogging routine, and every day I have a new excuse for why I don’t have the time or energy to do it. But now that things are starting to slow down for me, I’m out of excuses. And what better time to return to blogging than in the fall? In case you’ve been wondering where I’ve been the past few months, here’s a quick recap (not necessarily in chronological order): Read more