9 Things I Want My Little Sister To Know

9 THings I Want My Little Sister To Know

There were a lot of things I would have done differently growing up, if only someone had told me these 9 things.

1. If a guy tells you he needs “time to think”, dump him.

You deserve better than someone who isn’t sure he wants to be with you. If he can’t see what he has right in front of him, then he clearly isn’t appreciating you the way that he should. You are a bad ass, independent, strong woman. Your love and loyalty holds more value than you know. Any boy who doesn’t realize how incredibly rare it is to find a girl like you, isn’t worthy of your time. Read more

Pregnant Women: An Incomplete Guide to Personal Interactions

Pregnant Women: An Incomplete Guide to Personal Interactions

There is nothing worse than being pregnant around people who don’t know how to properly interact with you.

Believe me, I am learning this the hard way right now. Everywhere I go there are people who treat me like a stray kitten simply because I am pregnant. They see me and immediately are concerned about my well-being, wanting to know how I’m eating and commenting on how small I am compared to the other kittens. They reach out to try to rub my belly. And then they try to take me home. (Just kidding about that last one.) Read more

Don’t Speak, Just Listen


(TW: Don’t Speak, Just Listen is a post about suicide and depression, among other sensitive topics discussed in the series 13 Reasons Why.)

At ten years old, I imagined a world without me in it for the first time.

If I didn’t show up for school, the day would carry on just like any other. If I stopped going to my classmates’ birthday parties, they wouldn’t notice I wasn’t there. And if my family didn’t have me, they wouldn’t feel the burden of my presence anymore. But as a child, I hadn’t heard of the word depression as an illness. I didn’t really understand suicide, or the fact that many of my thoughts were considered suicidal. So I didn’t reach out for help. But I didn’t make an attempt to end my life. Read more

8 Things Lonely Girls Need To Remember

8 Things Lonely Girls Need To Remember

To all the lonely girls out there – you may be lonely, but you are not alone in feeling that way.

We all love the idea of love. Despite how bitter some of us come across, deep down we all just want to be loved by someone. And that’s okay. Here are some other reminders of things you should always keep in mind when you are feeling the loneliness kick in. Read more

To My Unexpected Knight

to my unexpected knight

Most of my late teens and early 20s have been centered on relationships – the majority of which ended badly.

I had this hopeless romantic mindset, thinking that someday my knight in shining armor would show up and help me fight the dragon that has me trapped in my tower. I pictured myself as the damsel in distress, desperately awaiting her prince. Metaphorically, of course. Read more

10 Reasons Not To Hate His New Girlfriend

10 reasons not to hate his new girlfriend

Admit it – you cyber stalked the hell out of your ex and his new girlfriend as soon as you saw his Facebook relationship status change.

We all do it because we’re curious creatures. And we often do it to talk shit about how his new girl is a downgrade from us, because it makes us feel better. But the truth is, hating her isn’t doing anyone any favors.

Read more

He’s With Her, You’re With You: Heartbreak

he's with her you're with you

Don’t be angry at his new girlfriend for choosing to love him.

And don’t make snide remarks about her physical appearance out of spite. Don’t hate her for simply trying to be happy with the guy who you were once happy with. And don’t blame her for your failed relationship or heartbreak. Act like the confident woman that you are, and move on to better things in life. Read more