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More Baby Booties!

(This post contains some affiliate links. All opinions expressed regarding BirdRock Baby products are my own.)

I know, I already gushed about BirdRock Baby and their adorable (and super functional) baby booties, but…

They added a bunch of new colors, and I just had to share my excitement with you guys! I decided to get Elsie some purple baby booties (exact color I ordered is called grape). I absolutely love the new line of colors, and can’t wait for her to outgrow these ones so I can buy some more. Some of the great things about the fleece booties:

The are incredibly soft.

Obviously fleece is a soft material, so these booties are really comfortable for little feet. I usually put them on her at night to keep those tiny toes warm. It seems to keep her nice and comfy all night long!

Let’s not forget that they actually stay on her feet.

With an active baby comes a lot of toe grabbing and foot kicking, but these booties haven’t come off once. If you have trouble keeping shoes on your baby’s feet, the BirdRock Baby booties are the answer. Test them out yourself!

The sizing is adjustable.

The three-snap system makes it easy to adjust the fit for babies of all sizes. Elsie is still small, but she’s got some long feet! Being able to tighten the shoes around her ankles is what helps keep them on.

They’re true to size and color.

A lot of online products don’t always live up to their hype. But these do, believe me.

And if all those things aren’t great enough, BirdRock Baby donates to Feed My Starving Children for every order they receive. Help all the babies; your baby can have warm feet and another will get a full tummy in exchange.

If you haven’t already stopped in the middle of this post to order your owndo it now! You can find them on their website (along with a bunch of other cute shoes – so many moccasin designs to choose from!). Or you can order them from Amazon. They’re only $20 and make a great gift for your own little one, or for someone else.

I fully expect to buy more of these once Elsie outgrows the two pairs she has now. Make sure to check out my Instagram for some pictures of Elsie in her new booties! (P.S. The moccasins are just as awesome as the fleece booties, so make sure to check them out!)



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