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BirdRock Baby Fleece Booties Review

(This post contains some affiliate links. All opinions expressed regarding BirdRock Baby products are my own.)

As a mom who hasn’t had much experience with baby shoes yet, I have to tell you that the BirdRock Baby booties were exactly what I expected and more.

Let me start off by saying that I almost never buy products online from a company I’m unfamiliar with. But seeing the rave reviews on Amazon made me want to give BirdRock Baby a shot. I ordered a pair of their booties for Elsie last Saturday, as an early Christmas present, thinking it would be Tuesday or Wednesday before they came in. So on Monday when I got home from work to discover they had already arrived, I was ecstatic! You might’ve seen my Instagram post from Monday night (poor lighting, but I was too excited to wait).

The booties were even softer than I had imagined.

They’re fleece, which is great because it’s getting cold and she needed something a little warmer than socks. Plus, our house is a little cooler in the main living areas. Having something to keep her feet warm when she’s not in a footed sleeper is so nice, especially since she kicks blankets off her feet within 10 seconds of putting them over her.

Another thing I absolutely love is that they actually stay on her feet.

Unlike her socks that come off with her squirming feet, these booties haven’t come off once. Elsie is quite the kicker, and constantly rubs her feet together making it impossible to keep socks on her for long. The BirdRock Baby booties have answered prayers of moms everywhere who have this same problem. Test it out yourself!

I can’t forget to mention the adjustable sizing.

Looking at the pictures online, I didn’t even notice the multiple snap buttons. (Though had I read further down I would’ve seen that detail.) And I’m glad they have the three-snap system, believe me – Elsie has long feet but she’s not quite 2 mos. old, so she needs a tighter fit around her ankles to keep them on.

They’re also true to size and color!

I ordered a size 5.5 in the color cream, and it was exactly as expected. Since Elsie doesn’t quite wear a 5.5 yet, she’ll have a little bit of time to grow into them before I order another pair. And the cream color is the perfect neutral to wear with pretty much anything.

And if all those things weren’t great enough, BirdRock Baby actually donates to Feed My Starving Children for every order they receive. Help all the babies; your baby can have warm feet and another will get a full tummy in exchange.

If you haven’t already stopped in the middle of this post to order your owndo it now! You can find them on their website (along with a bunch of other cute shoes – so many moccasin designs to choose from!). Or you can order them from Amazon, and with Prime you’ll definitely get them in time for Christmas. They’re only $20 and would be a great last minute stocking stuffer for your little one.

As for me, I ordered a pair of moccasins from BirdRock Baby a few days ago and expect them to show up this week. Keep an eye out on my Instagram for pictures and a short review!


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