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How To Create A Press Release

This semester, I am taking a class on business writing.

I know what you’re thinking – it sounds extremely boring. When I enrolled in the class, I thought it sounded lame too. But I have to say after only a month I have been pleasantly surprised to find out it’s actually kind of fun.┬áLast week we finished a press release project; one piece of the project was to write a guide on how to make a press release. So of course, I went a little bit overboard and, with the help of Canva, this is what I came up with!

how to create a press release

If you ever need to write your own press release, this guide can definitely help you out.

I had to make my own fake press release for the project, so I used it as visual aid for this guide.

Also note the sources at the bottom of the guide – these are all great places to check out if you need more information or other examples.

Here’s to a hoping for a good semester ahead and more creative projects to come!


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