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The #1 Home Design Trend For 2017

2017 is Going Green

And I don’t mean that in an environmental way. No, 2017 is literally going green. Since Pantone named Greenery as its Color of the Year, green has impacted interior design trends across the board. From sage walls to emerald couches to excessive use of planters, this trend has certainly captured the eyes of designers around the world and is officially the #1 home design trend for 2017.

While last year’s gray base tones and copper accents can still be found in stores, you’re going to start seeing a lot more pearl base tones and green accents everywhere. 2017 interior design is all about jewel tones, and emerald is making its grand entrance.

2017 interior design is all about jewel tones, and emerald is making its grand entrance. Click To Tweet

Perhaps this is the design world’s way of promoting growth this year, as last year was extremely gray. This new pop of color is going to give us the sense of springtime and new beginnings year-round.

From Shades of Gray to Shades of Green

If you’re looking to take last year’s gray and make it more vibrant in 2017, here’s five inexpensive ways to incorporate green into your home.


Probably the easiest way to liven up your space is by quite literally adding life to it. Leafy plants look fantastic in almost any setting, and in many cases, houseplants can live for years if you take care of them. But if you’re a blackthumb like me (bringing death to pretty much any plant you touch), maybe steer clear of the ones that require daily watering. Cacti are a great choice in some cases, or even orchids. Most orchids can live for months at a time in the proper environment, and they only require watering once every 7-10 days!


The cool thing about artwork is that if you can’t find a piece you particularly like, or one that fits the color scheme you want, you can make your own. Obviously not everyone considers themselves an artist, but abstract pieces can be made simply. You could paint a giant dot on a canvas, hang it up, and call it an abstract piece honestly. Or you could even go to a Wine & Canvas class. The possibilities are endless when it comes to art.

Accent Wall

Accent walls are exciting because you have so many options. Are you going to paint the wall a solid color? Or are you going to add stripes? Will you use glitter mix-ins? Who knows! But you can do any of those things if you wanted, and that’s the best part. You might even decide to paint two different shades of green in a chevron pattern. The point is, accent walls are meant to be a focal point. They are supposed to stand out. So why not use that as your outlet for a little color change?


I know what you’re thinking – furniture is not inexpensive. But actually, it can be! Rather than going for an entirely new chair that will cost over $100, why not update your end tables? Or if you have the space and want to take on a challenge, why not buy a sitting chair at the thrift store (don’t worry – they are legally required to clean the fabric, so no bugs!) and reupholster it in a bold print? I totally want to do something like that in the future, once I have my own staple gun.


This last one is a no-brainer. What easier way to add a splash of color than by hunting for some new decor? Lamps, vases, small sculptures, any of it will do! If you’re craving a new DIY project, you could paint a vase or a lampshade yourself. Trade out your old throw pillows and blankets, or create new ones. Or if you’re just wanting to find one large statement piece, consider finding a large rug or tapestry.

What do you think about this new trend?

Are you green with envy because you’re dying to add some green to your color palette? Or are you green with nausea because your palate can’t handle this? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!


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